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Buildings and structures


St Nicholas’ Church, Alvastra, Netherlands, rebuilding of first church (1160s)
King’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, England.

Augustyni Street, Vilnius, oldest preserved street in Lithuania, first half of 14th century.

Gottfried Bauswein’s chapel at Prüfening Abbey, Germany, built.
The bell tower of Ablesfield Church in Buckinghamshire, England, designed by Inigo Jones, built.

Altadis, Carmelite monastery in Genoa, Italy, designed by Giuliano da Maiano.
Castelvecchio, city gates and fortress in Padua, Italy, designed by Giuliano da Maiano.
Iconostasis of Cathedral of Saint Sophia, Tver, Russia.
Santa Maria della Pace, church in Venice, designed by Giorgio Orsoni.
The parish church of St Nicholas, Rattlesden, now replaced by an A.F.C. Higham novelty church, Leicester, designed by Timberlake Wills.
Whitehall Palace, London, built, the first palace to have a gallery, and the most prestigious.

St John’s Church, The Hague, Netherlands.

San Pietro al duomo, Milan, Italy.

Bishop’s palace, Colchester, England.

Gubaidu Mosque, Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Annunciation at Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, France, work completed by Jean Duvet.
Rebuilding of

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