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Java sockets. How to set Read timeout with TCP Streams.

I’m writing a client/server application in Java with TCP Streams. How should I handle my read timeout in case a packet arrives after the timeout? What should I do about it?


I would let a timeout occur, and save it as a packet in the buffer, and treat it as a new packet for subsequent processing.
My library does something like this, it saves the exception, and returns a pre-populated Packet, so if there was a timeout it won’t have to do anything about it.
EDIT – So I’d do something like this, but have to make sure that the readData function is thread safe and non blocking – but just copy the data in and overwrite the old packet if there was a timeout, and you should be okay.
ReadPacket myPacket;
boolean timeout = false;

try {
myPacket = stream.readPacket();
} catch (SocketTimeoutException e) {
timeout = true;

if (timeout) {
// read timeout occured, so copy data and then reset the packet to null
} else {
// copy data in


The trick is readPacket() being a blocking function, and you can’t just call it because you are reading from a TCP socket.

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