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CHScanner Crack Activator For Windows (2022)







CHScanner 1.1.23 Crack For PC [Updated]

Connect to an IP address/ host with a port and port range.
Use a host list file or do a DNS search for an IP address/ host with a port and port range.
Scan IP addresses, hosts, or subnetworks.
Set the CHScanner Crack Mac working mode.
Enable/ disable checking for updates to CHScanner.
(Applies to Windows 7 and later)
The IP address of a host that is scanned may be entered
by using the hostname.

CHScanner Options:

Port Range

Use an IP address in network subnet format (IP/mask) for specifying an IP port range to scan. CHScanner will scan for the ports in the specified address range or subnet.

IP Address

Enter an IP address for scanning. Specify an IPv4 address by using its numerical format, or an IPv6 address by using its hex format.


Enter a port value to scan for. The port value is the numerical value of a socket. The value 0 allows scanning for all non-closed port numbers. See the KernelPorts Utility for information on kernel port numbers. CHScanner will scan for all open port numbers.

Subnet Mask

(Windows 7/8 only) Enter a subnet mask in network subnet format.


Port scanning with CHScanner is not the most accurate way to scan for open ports. CHScanner relies on performing port scans using ICMP (PING) and possibly UDP (DNS). If someone tries to block ICMP traffic, port scanning could be unsuccessful.

The best way to scan for open ports is to use a utility like netcat (tcsh) to view the data being sent over the network, or to use a packet sniffer.


CHScanner is freeware licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2. The GNU General Public License is included in the LICENSE.txt file in CHScanner’s source code distribution.

You are free to copy CHScanner into your own software. No permission is required to copy the source code or any compiled software.

You may modify CHScanner’s source code or distribution files, copy the modified source into your own software, and distribute your modified software as long as you do not charge for your software, and as long as you include a file describing the source code modification.


CHScanner 1.1.23 Crack + License Code & Keygen Free

CHScanner Crack For Windows is a scanner with a lot of extra features. It is a large network scanner that has a very configurable
interface. It does work with both Windows and Linux hosts. It is the only open-source scanner that can do
Wake-On-LAN. With its great network diagnostics it can be used to view all kinds of interesting things. It has
high performance (ranks in the high hundreds). It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.
Configurable interface
Support for many protocols
Cheat codes (Network sniffing)
Wake on Lan (to wake up a remote host)
Automatic working mode (option to run scanner and to post on a chosen host)
Ranking modes (faster/slower, network only)
Obscure detection (optional)
Packet capture (optional)
SNMP sniffing (optional)
Sniffing mode (wlan only)
Sniffing on specified interface(s) (wlan only)
Scan on many protocols (ICMP and most TCP protocols)
Can be run as a service
Send to logged on user (for your convenience)
Scan a domain with builtin DNS scan
Detailed WMI information (Windows Management Instrumentation)
Many configurable options like rate limit, number of broadcasts, ipfilter type etc.
Combine rules (for detecting a subnet)
Software is open source
Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows (and Linux and Mac) hosts
ChahScanner has the ability to scan an IP address at a much higher speed and has a better signal-to-noise ratio than other network scanners.
CHScanner Torrent Download was written by A. John Soole. He is the owner of A.S.O.P Communications in La Conner, WA. A.S.O.P Communications is where CHScanner originated and is still there where development of it occurs.
Any questions, comments, suggestions, or other stuff:
Email me at john@a-s-o-p-com.
(email there is the best way to contact me)
If you want to donate to the free software scene, I recommend PayPal. 🙂
Also, if you are

CHScanner 1.1.23 Free Download For Windows

CHScanner is a network activity collector and scanner for Windows hosts on the local network. It uses the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) framework to enable the user to perform a series of tasks on the host that they have selected. CHScanner has a set of helper classes and functions that makes performing tasks against any target host is very easy.
CHScanner can perform several actions against hosts on the local network and access to the selected host is enabled using the OpenDevice method of the WMI class win32_devicecollection.
CHScanner can operate in two modes: scanning mode and working mode. In scanning mode, CHScanner listens on the specified port for the packets. When the packets are received, the information of the packets is saved to the defined data file. In working mode, CHScanner starts to send packets on the specified port, and waits until all the specified packets have been sent. Once all the packets have been sent, then CHScanner pauses. In this working mode, CHScanner will not open a port. CHScanner is running in the background and you can open another application while CHScanner is running. Once CHScanner’s working mode is ended, the program will be closed.
CHScanner includes the following features:
-List open TCP/UDP/ICMP ports
-Open TCP/UDP/ICMP ports using ARP spoofing
-Scan IP subnets and find open TCP/UDP/ICMP ports
-Switch from one network interface card to the other
-Ping hosts and find their hostnames
-Ping hosts and find their IP addresses
-Ping hosts and find their operating systems
-Turn on or off/shutdown or reboot a remote Windows host
-Ping hosts and find their TCP ports
-Ping hosts and find their ping sweep packets
-Find Ethernet broadcast addresses
-Wake-on-LAN (WoL)
-Windows Management Instrumentation (the Microsoft implementation of WBEM)
CHScanner is available in English and Chinese.

A graphical and scriptable network activity monitoring application for Microsoft Windows. NetMon is a simple network diagnostic tool. It allows users to monitor the network and perform network activity tests. NetMon listens on specific ports to receive packets. It then displays the contents of these packets in a console window and allows a user to perform actions against the host from which the packet was received.
NetMon includes the following features:

What’s New In?

The CHScanner™ suite of network tools is a powerful, easy-to-use free suite that can be used to perform network and TCP/IP analysis of a single PC or a large network. PC users can utilize CHScanner to scan their network and find computers, hosts, services, NetBIOS information, protocols, and even WMI (WBEM) information. The CHScanner Suite is a program that can scan, find hosts on the network, find NetBIOS information, find other ports, and/or find other services. CHScanner can also turn on and off remote Windows hosts or reboot remote Windows hosts.
The CHScanner Suite offers five features:
1. Scan for open ports
2. Scan for NetBIOS Information
3. Scan for WMI (WBEM) information
4. Power Managers
5. Reboot/Shutdown
CHScanner has no known security vulnerabilities. However, there is NO warranty or maintenance and NO support. CHScanner is a freeware that you must use on your own risk.

Apr 28, 2014




On Monday we took a sight seeing tour through the Arid Zone of the Zorabhoons. We visited the Zorabhoons first Parliament and Palace. There we got introduced to the two current parliaments and learned a bit about how they function. We also visited the Zorabhoons historic center and had a look around. A very interesting place.

Our second tour that day was to the castle of Shetland, which is situated on the Isle of Shetland, in the Zorabhoons.

Below are some pictures from our sightseeing on Monday.

The view from the Palace of the Zorabhoons

The wooden boats from the tourist area at the Zorabhoons Historic Center

The Ship’s Mast at the Zorabhoons Historic Center

A letter from the Zorabhoons in Swedish

One of the trading boats from the tourist area at the Zorabhoons Historic Center

The dock with the cottages at the

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP2 or later (or equivalent)
AMD64 or Intel Core 2 Duo (or equivalent)
1024×768 or higher resolution supported by a recent graphics driver (such as: NVIDIA, ATI, Intel, or AMD)
Hard Drive:
20 GB available space (32-bit)
(32-bit) 20 GB available space (

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