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(born 1939), American reporter, known for his work as a reporter and editor at The New York Times, and as a television commentator.

(born 1959), American drummer of the band Queen, who was nicknamed «Boof» by his friend Bryan Adams. Adams considers Freddy to be «the reason I became a drummer» and is sometimes introduced on albums as «Freddy Mercury».

(born 1973), Belgian professional road bicycle racer, who became world number one in 1995 and remains the most successful rider in the Tour de France.

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(1966- ) American public speaker, author, and comedian.

(born 1951), British drummer of the rock band Queen, considered to be one of the three greatest rock drummers of all time, along with Ginger Baker and John Bonham. He is also one of the most commercially successful drummers in music history, having sold more than 14 million albums worldwide.

(born 1980), American drummer of the rock band All Time Low, having joined the band in 2005, replacing original drummer Ryan Rubino.

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(born 1934), American singer and songwriter, known as the Queen of Soul. She has sold more than 100 million records worldwide

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