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Police officer gets scared to pee at work after real-life nightmare by eight guns at his gunpoint · Queensland Toilets Get Stink Locker Locker.. Aussie Bank Kicks Back.
Leif Hilck on The Best Technology to Work with · Ranting on 40 hours ·CALGARY — A Calgary police officer who received a suspended sentence for sexually assaulting a woman he had stopped will remain behind bars.

On Tuesday, a judge in provincial court found Sgt. Ryan Poulsen, 23, «not compliant with conditions of his probation,» meaning he had violated his conditional release order.

Poulsen pleaded guilty in February to sexual assault for a December 2015 incident in which he had intercourse with a woman he had stopped for speeding. The woman was 17 at the time of the incident and 27 at the time of sentencing.

Poulsen, who is still in uniform, was placed on probation for three years.

He faced the potential of three years’ jail time on top of the three years of probation, but he was released on several conditions, including his wearing of an ankle bracelet for electronic monitoring, not consuming alcohol or taking prescription drugs, and not violating the law.

«We find that the defendant has not complied with probation despite receiving numerous warnings that his behaviour is dangerous and contrary to orders,» said Judge Brian King, who noted the incident happened while Poulsen was off-duty.

«The sentence remains suspended until the conviction record is wiped clean at the end of his probation.»

Poulsen left the courtroom before the judge announced his decision.

Poulsen’s defence lawyer, Shannon Adamson, said Poulsen intends to appeal.

«We continue to ask for the Court of Appeal to review the sentence,» Adamson said.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT), the RCMP equivalent of the civilian Police Complaint Commissioner, investigated the case.

ASIRT spokeswoman Christine Duhaime said in a statement Tuesday that the investigation is closed and no further information will be released.

«The victim in the case received a great deal of support from the local and national community, specifically Justice for J, an online group of support and action for this victim,» Duha

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