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Delhi Belly (2011)

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Abhinay Deo’s Delhi Belly came out of nowhere to surprise audiences with its wit and fresh humour, but for the uninitiated it was quite a shock to see Akshata Kumar and Imran Khan in the lead roles.
The script, though unconventional, is remarkably well-crafted, and the approach of combining twists with a traditional screenplay has worked perfectly well to create a fun and watchable film.
The film revolves around three Mumbai friends, Arshad (Imran Khan), Ronnie (Kunaal Roy Kapur), and Utkarsh (Vir Das), who are about to bid farewell to their home-town, and get ready for another adventure of a lifetime. Soon, however, their journey towards freedom takes an unexpected turn when they cross paths with Zoya (Shenaz Treasury), a bubbly and vivacious young woman.
Akshata Kumar, who can be seen on the cover of the book in the film, does a terrific job and I think this is her best performance till date. She brings down the house with her endearing humour and energy, and the rest of the cast is made up of relative newcomers, so they make the most out of their roles.
Hats off to Abhinay Deo and Akshat Verma for having the courage to take the risk and for executing the screenplay in the most unconventional manner.

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Delhi Belly: Full Movie (2012) | 1080p |
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Delhi Belly: Shot in Delhi and Mumbai, Abhinay Deo’s eighth film, Delhi Belly, is a tale of three friends who get sucked into a scam, resulting in a deadly cat-and-mouse chase across the city, with all the tricks and missteps that entails. The film is a comedy, though not deliberately, and takes cues from movies like Midnight Cowboy, Once Upon a Time in America, and The Usual Suspects to create a plot that is as outlandish as it is entertaining.
The film marks the debut of a number of noteworthy newcomers, like Shenaz Treasury (The Escort, The Last Chance), who

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