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Descargar Cyberplanet 6.1 Full 14l ‘LINK’

Descargar Cyberplanet 6.1 Full 14l ‘LINK’


Descargar Cyberplanet 6.1 Full 14l

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Descargar Cyberplanet 6.1 Full 14l
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Katz –November 20, 2018:

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Descargar Cyberplanet 6.1 Full 14l
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Disconnected. Thanks for the full version.
[url= Cyberplanet 6.1 Full 14l[/url]Q:

Is there any way to use the neo4j Cypher API to query all the edges of a given node?

I’m using the Java Neo4j JDBC driver to query a Neo4j instance.
I would like to know if it is possible to get all the edges of a given node with one request.
Node : «person»
Edges : «exchangeStudent(student1,student2)»


In short, no. If you use the APOC library to query (for example) you could get all the matching relationships using the allRelationships() function. It should be possible to use a pattern to match the specific relationship you want – for example:
MATCH (person)
WHERE ID(person) = {id}
RETURN DISTINCT person, apoc.cypher.getRelationships(«person»)

You could then iterate over the resulting list to get the individual relationships.
The more elegant way is to use the GRAPH or ALL functions to get all the relationships with one query. Something like the following:
MATCH (person)
WHERE ID(person) = {id}
RETURN person, collect(DISTINCT apoc.cypher.getRelationships(«person»)) AS relationships

or for example
MATCH (person)
WHERE ID(person) = {

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