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How to include javascript library and «capture» or capture events?

I am creating a polymer element (or polymer component) which utilizes some js lib such as and
The overall purpose of my element is to focus on the semantics of the content – so it is much easier for users to pick out elements, interact with them, etc. The element’s inputs are displayed differently, and it has other elements not present in a basic page that should be interpreted differently.
The downside is that this element has a lot of different events that need to be handled differently based on the input (which is where the js library would

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The key problem with the e-cigarette is that it’s not safe for you to use in the general public. E-Cigarettes contain the same or more dangerous chemicals and nicotine as a regular cigarette. So where does the next person get it?

While e-cigarettes are completely safe if consumed responsibly, they can be addictive to some users. Because it’s not allowed in public places, the chances of being caught trying to use one in public is slim to none.

The amount of vapor that comes out from the e-cigarette is only a fraction of what you would get from a cigarette. It smells better than smoke and many people find the taste to be heavenly. Since e-cigarettes are banned in public, it’s almost impossible to get clean e-cigs off the shelves, which makes

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