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Retrieving values from unrelated tables and joining them

I want to retrieve two (or more) values from unrelated tables and join them into one SQL statement.
// myTable is a table in DB
String sql = «select * from myTable INNER JOIN (someColumn,anotherColumn)»;
Statement stmt = connection.createStatement(sql);
ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery();
while ( {
// process retrieved data

I know the code above is not correct and it has to be done differently.
How can I do this?


You would have to join the two tables.
SELECT someColumn, anotherColumn
FROM myTable
SELECT someColumn, anotherColumn
FROM (someselect)
) t
ON t.someColumn = myTable.someColumn
AND t.anotherColumn = myTable.anotherColumn

You’re still going to have to select * however, and may have to alias or rename the columns if they’re named with similar names.

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The Arduino Zero has been out for several months, and is a good option for newcomers looking to get into the Arduino ecosystem. We’ll take a look at the new board, and show how it stacks up against the competition.

What is the Arduino Zero?

The Arduino Zero

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