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Makefile copying files in a nfs share

I’m trying to create a system of targets for sending emails and updating the filesystem. So far I have the following:

@cp /root/mailsystem/* /var/lib/mailsystem/
@cp /root/sysdns/hooks/* /root/mailsystem/hooks/
@cp /root/sysdns/reports/* /root/mailsystem/reports/
@chown -R mail:mail /root/mailsystem/

@strip -k 0 -m 0-8 /root/mailsystem/

This works fine when I do «make setup», but when I do «make setup mailsystem» I get
«mkdir failed: No such file or directory»

So I assume that means the first parameter to the cp command isn’t being expanded. When I add the quotes I get the following error, from the cp:
mkdir /var/lib/mailsystem

cp: cannot create regular file ‘/var/lib/mailsystem/’: Permission denied

mkdir failed: Permission denied

Any ideas?


You are using $(… ) for commands (which doesn’t work well) and shell-style quotes («) for other things (which does). There’s a subtle difference between them.
The proper syntax is:
$(… )

‘… ‘

(quotes and dollar signs don’t usually get mixed up)


If you are using the shell-style quotes, e.g.
@echo $(MYDIR)

then you should get the output

as a single string. When you put the quotes in, you are actually printing

and then trying to execute the command

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