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All you need to know about Flight Radar 24 Apk Cracked Pics.. photo. Flightradar24 Premium Crack Pc Speedl – Paramentica photo. Go. Flightradar24 Pro .package handlers

import (


// URLMatch accepts incoming requests and redirects them to Golang code.
// Incoming URLs are stripped of path, and the query string. This removes
// the need for the `goflow.URLMatch`.
// The matching logic is the same as the http.DefaultServeMux’s and http.Redirect.
// The returned http.Handler is registered in the global `Handlers` list, so it can
// be used as a drop-in replacement.
func URLMatch(h *http.Handler) func(*http.Request, *http.Response) {
return func(r *http.Request, resp *http.Response) {
// For `GET`, requests without a path take precedence.
if r.Method == http.MethodGet && r.URL.Path == «» {
http.Redirect(resp, r, «/», http.StatusTemporaryRedirect)
// Match.
if u, err := goflow.Compile(r.URL.String()); err == nil {
h.ServeHTTP(resp, r.WithContext(func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
http.Redirect(w, resp, u, http.StatusTemporaryRedirect)
// No match. Serve the request directly.
h.ServeHTTP(resp, r)
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