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He was the principal spokesman for the Cultural Revolution of China. Shanghai-born Guo Moruo (Hebrew:אורטופי גוורו מורוו, Ōrutapää Guo Morūō; born in the Tsingtao area in 1895; died in Beijing in 1978) was a leading Chinese architect, economist, and intellectual.
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Mikami-san is a client, who came to the office in a lot of stress because she wanted to borrow 1,000,000,000 yen.
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Goon – Temptress – Deep Water

Hey Vespers, I did not post the video, before today’s webinar, I discussed the matter with a law student friend of mine, he wanted me to give it a rest and let it slide, which I didn’t feel it was worth posting. However, we were told we must start calling it out and stating the facts or at least set them up to be belied. When I

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