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May 9th, 2020

One of the biggest things to look for about a fishing competition is its catch and release policy. The bigger the quantity of fish, the bigger the prizes, so the bigger the catch, the bigger the prize. Prior to going on the competition day, check the catch and release policy and discuss it with the organizer to make sure you are comfortable with it.

Sometimes you may want to know if the competition is an official event, an event being supported by an organization, or if it’s just for fun. The reason you’d want to know this is if your sponsors or area program takes part in these competitions. For example, if your program is able to fundraise for this event or there are local prizes for participants, make sure to check if the competition is tied to a campaign or to a cause.

Some of the big events have something called a “rain date”. This means that if the forecast gives a total of 3 hours or so of rain, it won’t be held. A lot of people like to practice on the days leading up to the event to make sure they’re prepared to fish in heavy rains.

Once you’ve found a competition that works for you, you’ll want to add it to your calendar. Again, some of these big events will have a site that you can add

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First off, sorry for the lack of updates. Been feeling pretty down the past few days for various reasons. Health being one of the biggest. I’m finally starting to feel better so I’ll be writing more from here on out.

For those who have watched the show, you know how infamous head host, Asaph, has been for naming the contestants. During the first season he called them Steve, Mike, Tara, and John. On the second season, he called them Kyle, Gwen, Aliyah, and Mike. Season three’s table is pretty much an exact replica of Season One’s table, right down to the beige chairs.

So, on to the game…

Board – Phoenix 6

Hand – KQT, 2/1, 2/1, 4/2

East – Player A

West – Player B

North – Player A

South – Player B

I was 3-1 up in this hand, with the K being a 24-bet and I flat with the Q. Fortunately, the villain folded to an even smaller stack (or he might be known as the villain).

He had a flush draw, a gutshot straight draw, a gutshot quad, and a straight. I had a set, a straight draw, a gutshot straight draw, and a king-queen.

I called, he called, the bets came around again, and I won the hand.

Both players busted on the next hand, giving me a full house on the board and huge chip advantage.

West – Player B

North – Player A

South – Player A

Next hand, with the flop of KQ2/9s, I raise and everybody folds.

Straight – Player B

I check, Player B bets out $50, and I call.


What’s next?

I had the flop, but now it’s his turn.

He checks to me, I bet

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