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showed a strong inter-rater agreement. Areas of the right ventricle showed a high heterogeneity between the measurements.Sigourney Weaver’s voice: It helps if you watch Ghostbusters

Actor Sigourney Weaver has voiced her opinion about how much good her voice work in Ghostbusters II did for the film.

While Ghostbusters II was a commercial hit, it wasn’t a huge critical darling (and still holds a 23% rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes), with Weaver herself saying back in 2010 that she was in the film “to do some jobs”. She also added that the film “barely” made it into the black (i.e. broke even), even though she was paid good money for her work.

So to help the show along, Weaver recorded her spoken lines over the top of some animation sequences. Director Ivan Reitman has recently come out and admitted that the new film would have been more successful if his cast had been able to do more animation of their own voices, but even at the time, when she spoke up, Weaver agreed with him.

“I think everybody was very respectful of it,” Weaver told Movieline. “Because we had such a fantastic writer [and] a terrific director […]. Working with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, it was such a lovely group of people.”

She went on to say that director Reitman and screenwriters Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis all listened to her suggestion, that they could have fit in some other dialogue to the shooting script to make the film funnier, and that it had helped when it came to doing something similar for the sequel.

The film is something of a hit-and-miss affair (I haven’t seen it but the critical love for the original seems to be pretty evenly split), but when you think about it, that’s almost exactly how the film was when it was released — it was a hit and miss, but enough of a hit that it made back plenty.

And more importantly, Weaver had some good lines. I’m particularly fond of the quip that she delivers when her character has been told to go and look for the Ghostbusters “guns”, and she’s smitten by the mysterious fluid she sees flowing out of the pipes.

However, Weaver was clearly a bit grumpy

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The OP is asking for the best regex that can find lines like this, not the best regex in the world to find lines similar to this.
There isn’t even a close contender for that, because the ideal regex (the regex that matches the longest possible string containing the words you search for) would have to have a length of at least 88 characters, and has to match these 88 characters one after the other (where the longest matching string has only 87 characters). There are a few regexes out there that cover only a smaller subset of cases, but as soon as you introduce some changes, they fall apart.
In other words, this is just too hard a problem for regex alone.


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