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Kasens Ks1680 Driver Download

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Javascript: How to code a while loop to check if IDs that start with have a certain class

I’m getting a long list of divs with ID’s that start with’sec-‘.
What is the most efficient way to check to see if all of the divs that start with’sec-‘ have the class name ‘customView’?
I need to make sure that any’sec-*’ divs that start with’sec-‘ have the class ‘customView’.
I’d like to avoid doing a nested if, because all of the sec-* divs have multiple ‘customView’ classes within them.
Thanks for the help.


An expression that will return true or false, depending on whether or not the elements have the class is the following:
// Element does not have the class customView

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Five of the 14 suspects who were hunted in connection with the rape and murder of 14-year-old schoolgirl Hania Amed has been charged after an 18-month long investigation.

The Egyptian men were all arrested as part of Operation Spartan, which was launched in February 2016 to find those responsible for the rape and killing.

Hania disappeared while on her way home from school on January 15 last year.

Her body was found on January 26 in the River Nile.

Prosecutor Moustafa Sabry said the men, who are aged between 22 and 30 years old, and some of them have had previous convictions.

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