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In SQL Server 2005, how do I automatically insert a new row when a new record is created?

I have an SQL Server 2005 database with a table «Table1» that has a column «Col1» that contains a list of dictionaries. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to automatically insert a new row into the «Col1» column whenever a new dictionary is created. (I would like to automate this step since this is done hundreds of times a day and if I don’t write an automated script, I would have to do it manually every time a new dictionary is added to the «Table1» table).
Can someone please provide a script that will do the above?


If your application creates the dictionary, you should probably change your database design so that your dictionary is stored in a separate table, and update that table whenever the dictionary is created or updated. That way, you can easily reference the dictionary on the fly. (Changing your database design is generally considered a good idea for other reasons as well.)
It sounds to me like you want an AFTER INSERT trigger (not a BEFORE INSERT trigger). Here’s one way to write that trigger:
— create a table variable to store the new dictionary
DECLARE @new_dict table
Dictionary VARCHAR(2000)

— insert the new dictionary into the table variable
INSERT INTO @new_dict (dictionary)
SELECT Dictionary
FROM Table1

— insert a new row into Table1 with the data from the new dictionary

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