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There is nothing wrong with your code.
A reason why the OP is running into issues could be that there is a bug in the unzip utility (from the unzip package) of R 3.2.2.
The reason for this is that unzip (and tar) have been patched to prevent zip bombs from being
written which can crash your system, thus making your unzipping operations relatively safe on the
native unzip package.

However, in the latest version of unzip (4.0.3), the caret (‘^’) now is an alternative for
In other words, the
^zips which you are looking for,
now have the alternative idiom,

zip -X ^M [bzip2,gzip,tbzip,deflate] [name1]\;[name2]\;[name3] [option1] [option2]…

and this is the version of unzip that is installed with your R system.
Now, if you try to unzip your *.zip files using the latest unzip utility of R you will fail to unzip because the R-zip package is not patched for the newer version of unzip.
The unzip utility is not patched for the new code of R, because

Dzenanas has already been notified about this a couple of times, but there is no reply. It may be time for a a different contributor to be involved.

There are references to additional patches from Dzenanas to be applied to the zip package but also the zip package itself is missing to be patched to include the new code.
Hence, you have to patch your unzip installation (not your unzip itself) for the new code. See patching instructions for unzip 4.0.3 here.
You will need to apply the following patch (assuming you are on Windows)


To unzip a *.zip file you can therefore simply install the latest version of unzip you are able to get your hands on from CRAN.


There is no need to compile or download anything and you do not have to update R.
Note: The latest version of unzip I

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RegEx for sed extract item between two characters

I have a log file like this:
Nov 14 03:24:32 [Java] (10985) [GC(15892) [PSYoungGen: 450744K->149284K(450104K)] 15555562ms] [Times: user=16.18 sys=0.18, real=15555562 secs] [GC(11325) [PSYoungGen: 353518K->355813K(624288K)] 13380375ms] [Times: user=3.15 sys=0.01, real=13380375 secs]
Nov 14 03:24:33 [Java] (10985) [GC(16007) [PSYoungGen: 461104K->197346K(624288K)] 15564298ms] [Times: user=16.34 sys=0.01, real=15564298 secs] [GC(16009) [PSYoungGen: 542023K->1868408K(624288K)] 15397828ms] [Times: user=0.52 sys=0.00, real=15397828 secs]

I want to extract the timestamp between [GC] and [PSYoungGen:
I tried using Regex:

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