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More than a million people have been on federal food assistance programs. And the Reagan Administration wants to cut that number down to a million and a half.

The Department of Agriculture announced that the new goal is «impossible.»

«This will just result in people receiving emergency food assistance while they’re trying to save up for food on a much shorter, more frequent basis,» says Gregory Paris, a D.C. activist with Living Economics.

For years, the government has been preparing for the day when the number of people on the food stamp program will have shrunk. And here’s what the Agriculture Department had to say:

«The projected number of people served is approximately 10 million fewer in 2003 than in 2002.»

A United States Government Accountability Office report says there is little clarity in the Federal Government’s strategy. They say the key figure is revenue.

«GAO identified several common strategies that the agencies are pursuing to achieve their goals,» the report says. «The strategies could be used more effectively to achieve the funding targets. One common theme is that agencies are seeking to achieve their revenue goals with a combination of increases and decreases.

«GAO noted that some of the strategies were in place before the agencies were hit with funding cuts in 1990.»

The GAO says the Food Stamp Program has $18 billion in revenue, of which the Agricultural Department gets just $2.7 billion.

That’s not enough to go around, says the report.

«We recommend that the agencies improve their planning and budgeting practices and strategies to achieve their revenue goals more effectively.»

Pulaski County’s primary focus is on the distribution of food stamps.

A grant administrator by the name of Mike McDaniel says they have a strategy.

«We want to make sure that people have the means to eat,» he says. «When people get a job, they have a

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