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The Elden Ring game creates an unparalleled dream of fantasy, a world where the Ancients have awakened to new forms of magic. The Lands Between is a world in which time has disappeared as the world has entered an enchanted sleep. Rise, Tarnished, the Hero who has overcome the trials of the Lands Between to become an Elden Lord, and lead a party of others with his charismatic presence.

Due to game balance issues, we have postponed the release of the game until further notice. The game will be going into phase 2 beta (currently in development) which is scheduled to start in Q2 2019.
We ask all users to give us some time to address the issues before making decisions about the game’s future.

Thank you.

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・The following text is a machine translation. Please forgive any transliteration error to our English language

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About this Title: Capped that the transition of four years of development was completed.A major issue with the release and the issues that occurred. To do such a thing at the time that the game was scheduled to be released.Therefore, I apologize for the fact that the game was delayed while we attempted to fix the issues.The solution to the issues that occurred are guaranteed. It is not a matter of trust. It is the issue that you are currently experiencing.We are continuously trying to improve the game. A direction that will soon reach the perfect balance.We have prepared a version that fixes the issues.We are progressing to the next step which will lead to the release of the game.We do not have any further remarks.



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January 31, 2020, 8:50 (CT)Q:

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Features Key:

  • Action RPG™ Key Features
    User-friendly and exciting action.
    Clever Artificial Intelligence: navigate the world with ease and become a powerful ruler on your own.
    Action RPG
    Meet a wide variety of characters.
    Rise in the ranks of two different classes and delve into the mystery of a large dungeon.
    Cross-platform play.
    Play with friends via Play2Live.

  • Immersive:
    Enliven your senses with action, role-playing, and a beautiful story.
    Experience a turn-based battle map. Switch between character’s views freely.
    Asynchronous play(Online)
    Asynchronous game play allows you to experience a series of actions with your characters in a linear story in any order freely.
    Gameplay widely connected to others.
    Real-time communication. If the other player appears in the system, you will be notified of their presence.
    Elden Ring Story (for Online)
    A myth-like story that continues as multiple fragments in both two-player and online play.
  • Immersive World
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you.
    Traditional Turn-based Battle Maps that Persist
    Map with Layers: Not only visualize various patterns in detail but also represent various styles of gameplay based on the amount of light that shines on the map.
    Formations: Maps can form the viewpoint in groups of 3, 5, or 7.
    Maps that Change: Chosen from a variety of free patterns. You can choose from a variety of scenarios and maps freely.

  • Corporal Pleasures
    Alternate classes.
    Classes based on Zodiac.
    A wide variety of weapons.
    A fascinating scenario that unfolds as you climb the ranks in two classes.
    Colorful Illustrations
    Realistic drawings express the world of Ratukku.
    Action and choice graphics will capture your hearts.
  • Elden Ring Guide

    Elden Ring is a fantasy action role-playing game for Android, featuring an expansive story and compelling gameplay, set in a vast open world. As you explore the world and uncover the mystery behind the large dungeon, you gain the ability to manipulate


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    “The game world is just fantastic. It all feels very lifelike and most importantly, it’s believable!”

    — Germain-Garcia

    “…realistic-looking battles…”

    — NovaGamers

    “The graphics are amazing…”

    — Alpha Game Reviews

    “A satisfying fantasy action RPG…”

    — Amino Game

    “When the game is finished, you will have experienced a fascinating tale.”

    — Cross of Games

    “… a complex game with deep story telling and gameplay that’s deep and fun…”

    — Game Has Been Released

    “It’s got so much to offer…”

    — MegaIndex

    “If you like action RPG or fantasy RPGs, you’ve got to check this game out!”

    — Gamers Notes


    “… a cute heroine.”

    — Aligos

    “You’ll feel happy to see a girl like this in a game.”

    — NovaGamers

    “… an adorable heroine.”

    — Grollicus

    “Anyone who thinks that your typical heroines in games are never cute should check this out!”

    — ApkDog

    “Just like a real K-POP Girl group, they’ve got a lot of cute moments!”

    — SoulItUp

    “… I can’t stop!”

    — SoulItUp

    “… if you like K-POP girl groups, you should see this!!”

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    “… A beautiful K-POP style is present!”

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    “I’m looking forward to a coming confrontation against the boss.”

    — SoulItUp

    “I’m looking forward to a coming confrontation against the boss!”

    — SoulItUp

    “… I’m looking forward to a coming confrontation against the boss!”

    — SoulItUp

    “… I’m looking forward to a coming confrontation against the boss!”

    — SoulItUp

    “… I’m looking forward to a coming confrontation against


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    1. The Gothic Fantasy Setting
    Webs of energy lash out at us like tentacles while a dark mist settles over the land like a thick cloak.
    This is the setting of Elden Ring, the action RPG that shows the power of the dark Elden Cycle.

    2. Elder Elsand, The Black Soul
    The Black Soul is a seer from the far past. You can meet him while playing as the protagonist.
    You can use his power by following certain rules.
    Black Soul is the protagonist’s enemy. He is the enemy of Elden Ring. If you defeat Black Soul, you will be able to obtain his power.

    3. Elden Ring
    Elden Ring is the world of the Elden Cycle in which you will be participating.
    In this setting, there are two races: Humans and Eldens. Humans are people who believe in the existence of gods.
    They are a people with limited powers.
    Eldens are a race of people who serve the gods.
    The story will progress by following your actions.

    -You can choose a different region from the USA and other regions outside of the USA.
    -Elder Elsand is not included in the pre-order.

    After you pre-order, we will send you an email containing the download code for an exclusive playable content.


    A total of 10 regions are available to explore in Elden Ring.
    In addition to a variety of gameplay, you will be able to discover the mysteries of the setting.
    – Castle: A predetermined region that features a castle. With a number of dungeons, a city, and a restricted area.
    – Nexus: A region where players can change their main characters with others.
    – Villa: A region designed to give a sense of exploration outside of dungeons.
    – Lake: A region designed for underwater battles.
    – Mountain: An area designed to give a sense of danger and excitement.
    – Ecumenical: A region where you can find beneficial allies.
    – Frozen Zone: A region designed to show off the skills of those who master the dark Elden Cycle.

    ※ Castles and Villas are available in all regions.

    The first time you enter a region, you will need to wait for the region to reset in order to use the items you had obtained so far.


    What’s new:

    Alongside this, there is a 30+ page tutorial for players to get themselves up and running with the game.

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    Speech of the Nightborne

    I apologize for not checking with you all about the new developments with this game. I really apreciate it that you did an article about it. Thank you

    The reason why the new update is taking quite long time is because we know that the controls would be the best added after the game has been released.

    We are trying our best to fix all the issues regarding the controls for the new version and current alpha testers are really helping us out.

    It is not the most important thing right now. But we cannot be perfectly sure of what happens if we release the game and such issues are not addressed.

    Be patient it is working on it and we will release the new version with as much control issues as the one which was released.

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    Arroz Molino

    Arroz Molino


    I had a lot of issues with the controls, but mostly, it didn’t feel like a game. It was overwhelming at times, and there were certain areas where lots of the non-attack movements felt unnecessary. I understand that accessibility is a goal, but if this was fixed, it would be worth saving your actual time of development to complete this.

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    Arroz Molino

    Arroz Molino


    The combat system itself was very nice, it felt familiar but with new fights to perform, like your weapons had new effects or something which gives you more options and imagination. Additionally the combat system could be very awesome if there were some kind of quarter circle/counter attack style fights where you have to be on the balls of your feet more then float from one pounce to another. Other than that the combat system is good.

    The world itself was small and open, you could go in different directions. But alot of the dungeon traversal felt unnecessary and random, due to the fact there was very little explanation for the many things you did in combat. There was alot of random enemies in the dungeons which wasn’t really explained and in a dungeon which


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    • Elden Ring
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    • Kongregate


    A simple mod for better ASIO and FLAC support. 
    ‘bestmod’ is a command line application that helps you to administer your audio and video system (Windows, Linux, OS X) and media players (Windows, Android, OS X, Linux). BestMod has a tabbed GUI menu and a simple text-only console for – you guessed it – using the command line. 

    Installation: Download (141.8 MB).

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    System Requirements:

    Supported OS: Windows Vista or Windows XP, both 32 and 64-bit
    Processor: 1.2 GHz CPU or faster
    Memory: 512 MB RAM, 1 GB is recommended
    Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card
    Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    Sound: Audio device (stereo speaker and microphone)
    Additional Notes:
    Key Features:
    – A visually stunning, ancient, and customizable map, including new


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