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Why is the elisp branch unreadable?

When I try to branch off of the elisp-master branch from GNU emacs, it works fine for a few seconds, then I get this message:
abort: Upstream version was not updated.

I’m using GNU emacs 24.2.


After a bit of troubleshooting, it turns out that GNU emacs was using an old http address for the elisp branch, and it had expired. I was able to get it to commit by changing the branch URL to a current site. I’m not sure what would have caused it to use such an old branch, but this seems to have solved it. Perhaps it was because I hadn’t used git pull or something before. It’s very easy to forget to pull when you’re not using a version control tool, as it’s not in the job description of an IDE!

Ahead of his annual visit to Munich, head coach Joachim Löw has indicated that the Germany squad is in need of a few fresh faces.

Löw’s side completed an impressive 2-0 victory over Serbia in a friendly match on Tuesday, and he was impressed with the display – saying afterwards that the side is in good shape.

It was Russia the side drew with back in 2018, however, and Löw did not neglect to mention that a few quality new faces would be a welcome addition to the Germany squad.

«We are in a good shape at the moment. We have a lot of games ahead and that is why we have to push on. We want to be successful in the World Cup and in the Euro 2020 qualifiers,» Löw told reporters at the press conference ahead of the friendly.

«We have to stay focused. We just had a good test match against the World Cup holders and we were successful. The national team must be used to pressure and that is a positive. It is about us constantly making progress.»

«It is about us constantly making progress.»

He would not be drawn on who his preferred goalkeeper options are to Joseph Talofa and Lukas Hradecky, though. Germany have just released Bernd Leno from the club he spent 10

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