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Video games:

Cheats are easy to locate and use. They are designed to get around any game limitations and glitches to let you instantly increase your gameplay level and for some people just for fun.

Video games are generally great, however, the launch of the Nintendo Wii made people jealous that the motion controls hadn’t been done yet, and the big game industry decided to head down the motion control road using the control inputs you use for a finger to control a Wii. However, the problem was that the industry had no idea about the needs and wants of gamers. The game industry missed the point completely, and chose to create a 3D motion controlled experience instead of a wireless interface.

The truth is that the most popular interface on gaming systems is not joystick or even the «universal remote» the industry has tried to make you use. It’s actually just the media controller. If games were designed with input from a controller then they’d be used on other devices. What I am suggesting is that the game industry is going to change.

It’s just common sense. I use the Wii and I’m always doing something at the same time. I’m using the touchscreen on my phone, I’m checking my email, I’m looking at my tv programming guide, etc. With Wii, I have to switch from the one to the other to do anything. It’s just not practical. The game industry still thinks the Wii is a failure just because it doesn’t sell enough, but it only fails because its usage has not grown at all over the same period.

What I am proposing is that more users access the games with existing controllers and the game industry creates their games based on what the game controllers are (and what the users wants), and not what they are. If every game industry person realized what was going on and redesigned a controller that worked as an input, then we could get something that is useful and that wasn’t a failure just because it hadn’t caught on.

The Nintendo Wii was released in late 2006 and it has been a complete failure. The game industry should have found the true gamers, not the people trying to use a motion sensing device in order to get the benefit of existing gaming devices. The Wii now works well enough to use on a Nintendo DS, but to get to that point it needed a bit of a rethink.

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The team can see if the pitcher has a good sense of body mechanics, but the camera can only see up to the shoulders, so pitchers can throw slower and still be «run away.» But, with a large sample, the data is available.

In the first episode, The Patriots decide to stick with the success formula, which has provided the highest points average in the league and spot the 49ers. The 49ers for their part, are using their pull defensive scheme to tackle down the running game, get off the field and eat up clock.

Coach Belichick has vowed to make changes that will hurt the 49ers’ scheme of play. As a result, the 49ers decide to make a few adjustments to their philosophy. The result is a back and forth battle, while the 49ers cause several turnovers to help build a lead, and the Patriots mount an inspiring comeback to win, 27 26.

In a post game conference, Belichick says he will continue to incorporate the pull defensive scheme, stating, «I’m not going to let anyone sit and tell me how to do my job.» While the moral of the story is clear, it is the way in which Belichick chose to portray it to the press and the fans, that just missed the mark.

Be serious, Belichick. You have set this team up for failure by emphasizing that their strengths have been their weakness, while scoffing at the 49ers’ defensive philosophy, as if it has been done before. You made a great game plan, implemented it to near perfection, which led to a victory, but you have a tendency to go full force, go for the jugular, «Belichick style» as so many fans try to paint.

You often get paid a grand for handing out backhanded criticism.

The point is: 49ers, you did good. Your coach, however, has more on his mind than slamming the kid who made the mistake that lost the game. Belichick not only forgot that it is the constant fine-tuning of mistakes that makes you, a champion, but he has become a shallow character who, when questioned about how he will implement his new scheme, chooses instead to point fingers at the opponents.

For all the talk about how many rings and Super Bowl wins the Patriots have, Belichick is certainly no coach, after all, of the past. He is just another in a long list of opportunists who use football as a means to their fame or fortune

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