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Clue is a novel by Agatha Christie, published by Collins in 1967, about the murder of the wealthy American Henry Sherman, who was found murdered in his home in Monte Carlo. It was Christie’s 40th novel.


Mr. and Mrs. Amboise have come to Europe to work at a clinic for wounded soldiers. They are also attending the Royal wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. They love to travel, particularly to Europe. The doctor’s second wife wishes that the doctor would leave her behind and come to Europe with her instead. As soon as they return to England, though, Henry Sherman comes to pay a call. Although they aren’t acquainted with the couple, Henry is well known to Doctor Amboise, and they decide to invite him to meet the doctor’s wife. When they arrive, however, they find that Miss Murgatroyd, the doctor’s secretary, hasn’t been able to contact the doctor.

Later that day, he calls to ask her to write a letter for him so he can leave earlier than expected, and she asks to meet him at the clinic instead. When he arrives, he is shown to the office, where he introduces himself to her. That night, they spend the night together. The next morning, the doctor phones to ask Miss Murgatroyd if she has received his letter. She is surprised to learn that he has asked to see her at the clinic, but is quick to say that she will come. Henry, on the other hand, decides to wait for her at the hotel.

The next day, Mrs. Amboise and Henry chat about the wedding, and Mrs. Amboise admits that she and the doctor had very little to do with the wedding. While they were in the hospital, they had to make a decision about whether they would accept the invitation to the wedding, and they had agreed that the doctor would come, and that he would bring his wife along to meet Mrs. Amboise, who would be staying in a hotel. Mrs. Amboise knew that her husband did not like this arrangement, but she had been worried

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