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Subway Simulator-PLAZA UPDATED

Subway Simulator-PLAZA UPDATED

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Subway Simulator-PLAZA

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Some Extensions for Nevada


You can download simulator for Nevadawith all of extensions installed.

More simulator information

Ok, let’s face it. With all the other sims out there, NVRide still reigns supreme. If you’ve got yourself an nvidia card, then the race has been over for a while. The difference between NVRide 4 and 5 is that NVRide 5 has been optimized and scales fantastically well.
I am the most nvidia biased sim maker ever. I currently test not only nvidia, but intel, and more of them are on the way. I made all of the sims possible and all of the sims run on all of them, no exceptions.

Get all the free extensions

More free extras

Full List of Extensions

Pilot’s Extension


This addon lets you simulate pilot and ground operations. Pilot can be found in the «Misc» tab where you can choose to run it on ground or flight mode.

Pilot extension, reviewed on Sep 5th, 2007

Upgrade & Review:

Pilot installation was very easy. You can download the pilot addon and plug it in as a module.


Unzip to a directory.


File Name:




This addon lets you fly the world’s first fully loaded jet trainer. What else do you need?


Open Module Setup. Go to «Addons» and select the simulator.


A bug that made the sim crash was fixed, a bug that made the radio not work was fixed and a bug that made the trimming legend not display was fixed.


Included with this addon, we have a previewer that lets you preview the selected area on both screens.

Included with this addon, we have a fullscreen video player that lets you view fullscreen videos in almost any size.


You can resize the video to any size you want.

Included with this addon, we have the ability to add steam links to your simulator

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