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Category:Information technology companies of BrazilProviding doctor-patient communication and informed consent to women seeking operative termination of pregnancy.
This study aimed to provide clinicians and women seeking operative termination of pregnancy (TOP) information on informed consent and communication. A standardized validated questionnaire for evaluation of communication with women undergoing TOP was used in a prospective study to measure perceived relevance, understanding, emotional impact, and degree of agreement or disagreement with the questionnaire statements. Of 885 women, 85.1% had no prior knowledge of TOP. Among those who knew about TOP, 61.6% correctly identified the procedure, 89.6% knew whom to contact for information, and 78.3% had been referred by another physician. Only 42.2% were referred by a physician, and 37.6% read the material they received. Of those (n = 222) who did not want TOP, 64.8% reported a desire for information at least once. Of women who knew they were eligible for TOP and who intended to proceed, 64.3% believed the information was emotionally neutral, and 84.5% were comfortable discussing TOP with their physician. Of women who did not want the operation, 50% were not told how TOP might affect them emotionally. Assessment of women’s understanding of and agreement with questions in the questionnaire revealed very high levels of understanding and agreement. One in five women seeking TOP had not heard of this procedure before arriving at our clinic. Women were not told of the emotional risks associated with TOP and did not agree that this is an emotionally neutral procedure. A standardized questionnaire will be useful to assess physician-patient communication during TOP.Eight new species of antlions belonging to four genera in the subfamily Myrmeleontinae (Odonata: Megaloptera) from Tunisia.
Eight species of antlions are described as new to science from Tunisia; Bulaea leucosterna n. sp., Chandixanthoides purpuripennis n. sp., Protichnixanthoides berberica n. sp., Sphaeroneura acuta n. sp., S. caroli n. sp., S. leonium n. sp., S. solcanoensis n. sp., and S. tiberiopus n. sp. These additions are confirmed by newly assigned molecular data in GenBank. Bulaea tricarinata Turner, 1913 is re-instated as a valid name. All species described here can be easily differentiated from their related congen

Any set of weather conditions can create dangerous thunderstorms. Computer maintenance does not mean that you keep your systems updated to the latest versions, and your applications from the latest updates, but also that you use the various functions of them. When you update your computer, make sure that you keep all your files in a secure backup, like…The Department of Labour (DOL) and the NZ Treasury have released a feasibility study for a loan guarantee scheme in the event the Government loses the TPP.

The report makes the case for a loan guarantee scheme, which would give more than $4 billion to the manufacturing sector in return for more than $2 billion of manufacturing from TPP countries.

The study was done by Grant Thornton for the government.

Labour says the study has many holes and gaps.

“The report says the Government would run a loan guarantee scheme, but there would be just one lending bank and it says there is a high risk there could be no recovery.

“That is just a silly comment because it is so easy to set up a bank.”

Seed Capital will run the guaranteed loan scheme, but Labour says the real estate industry could benefit from the scheme.

“The real estate industry would be forced to submit to a request to register with the Department of Building, Fire and Planning so they could have access to schemes, and they would have to pay for that.”

Labour spokesperson Grant Robertson says it is clear the loan scheme would not have the same oversight as the Export Guarantee Authority, but would be managed by the Labour-led government.

“There would be real growth in the domestic economy, which will help the residential construction market. That would be good for the banks and lenders,” he says.Q:

WebAssembly encoding and decoding using Rust

I am trying to encode WebAssembly encoding an ascii string using Rust and decode it back.
Here is my code:

extern {
fn encode(src: &str) -> Vec;
fn decode(src: &[u8]) -> (Cow, Vec)

pub fn main() {
let encoded = encode(«Hello WebAssembly»);
let decoded =

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