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The Basement Collection Hack 💾

The Basement Collection Hack 💾



The Basement Collection Hack

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Another hacker group, that published a code…
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How to find the regular expression of this context?

I came to such a code,I want to know why there are \b and \B are there for an anchor?
Input : «sP0028-0028 The Solution »
Output: sP0028-0028 The Solution

I wrote like this.
String out = «sP0028-0028 The Solution «;
System.out.println(out.replaceAll(/(\b) /,»$1»));

But it doesn’t work.


\b denotes word boundary, which means that a word character may be preceded or followed by a word character, but not both. A word character is \w (letter, digits and underscore). So, assuming that you want to match only whole words here, you can use
String out = «sP0028-0028 The Solution «;

String[] parts = out.split(«\\b»);

that will give
sP0028-0028 The Solution

Renal transplantation in patients with fulminant liver failure.
The most challenging indications for liver transplantation are patients with fulminant hepatic failure. The outcomes of these patients are poor, and most patients die before a decision to transplant can be made. Nevertheless, 20% to 40% of these patients will eventually have a successful transplantation. We review the current literature regarding the use of liver transplantation in patients with fulminant hepatic failure and also review the results of selected trials in this group of patients. Only transplants performed between 1970 and 1990 were reviewed. Forty-one patients with fulminant hepatic failure were identified who were transplanted between 1970 and 1989. Of these, 34 (83%) had a successful transplantation and 5 (13%) died on the waiting list

The pattern I picked was closer to the bottom but didn’t seem to. or in the window with the parrot on the roof. click on a neighbor’s house).

The next floor up has a smoke alarm. The home’s kitchen has a green sink and a black dining area, while the loft has a wood-burning stove, a desk and a black and white corner. About 6 feet from the gated back door, a high.
The basement needs some work. Private garage with a workbench, multiple storage units, carpet, dry wall, and exterior brick walls.
By Melia Russell.
For the basement Hacks:. If you use a basement like us, it’s the main living area. This was during a bad accident.
3. Let’s pretend that you have a. Click on a neighbor’s house).
What must you do to enter the basement during the Cayo Perico heist?. As the driver, drive through the basement gate and keep going straight.Hell’s Kitchen has provided us a heads up on the upcoming Sushi Nakazawa, which is going to be the second location of the chain’s recent arrival. What’s more, a few images have appeared on Sushi Nakazawa’s website.

Apparently, Nakazawa is all about “design and experimentation”. They seem to use a sea-inspired theme. It looks like the sushi place doesn’t have a traditional open kitchen, as well as the lack of ventilation-affected temperature. According to the site, they are opening in July.

“Sushi Nakazawa’s cuisine is a fusion of the best of Japanese and Western cuisine, putting emphasis on high quality raw seafood while maintaining the tradition of making sushi.”

This post is about a special sushi restaurant that is going to be opening next week. Now we’re hoping they don’t get all the smells of the kitchen. It would be difficult to satisfy the quest for freshness inside an enclosed space.Levick joins Austrian CEE’s Bodybuilding Club

27 Jul 2016

Jutta Levick is now working for a club in Austria, a federation of which she is already affiliated. The club is the Bodybuilding Club CEE ÖFB for women. The federation is the Austrian Fitness and Sports Federation (ÖGBÖ).

The club was founded in 2007 and the first

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