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Batch processing
solidcam 4.0

Jun 17, 2020

i also use the W: command line to navigate to folders or files. man:ifconfig, less:Less command line application, K: is the keyboard shortcut for the location where I am. Also, F: find command to quickly get to any directory on my hard drive.

Output configurations and modifying default values
solidcam 1.0

solidcam 1.0

The environment was and still is CLI Linux. It is a 32-bit environment. I personally use the FQTS-9.5 and 4.5 version of the software. Linux and Fqts version will be given as I do my job. Cloning is easy and not an issue. There are a lot of places where you can get linux/fqts/solidcam with little effort. You will not make a mistake but when you buy this then you have the choice to get the latest version.

Where I can get the latest solidcam?

I have seen different versions at different times and i really do not know what the problem is. This was in 2005 and now I am getting my second computer and i am up to date with what is going on. There are different versions at different times. Now I can get the latest version from the Fqts site and whenever I need it.

I then downloaded the newer version that I wanted to install.

I have tried to run in a virtual machine environment but I had problems. I have tried this with all different versions. I do not know why these are problems but i will try this in a couple of years.

I could not find this so I then tried to follow these instructions.

I have heard that solidcam 2021 will be a little different so I really do not know if I will need solidcam 2018 or solidcam 2021. I will have to try the new version at my new job. I cannot wait to see how they produce the machining.

Software 3.0


Passive Firewall
firestarter 1.3.1

Included packages

solidcam 1.0


Version 4.0 will include this.



Historical development

See also
Data Warehousing»

External links


External links
3D CAD Standards And CAM Software Solutions By CRC Press
Watch YouTube (DGS) Video – CAM Software Solutions And Standards
SolidCAM Official Website

Category:Computer-aided design software
Category:Virtual reality software
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